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Partner Workout!

Try this with your buddy: lower body, upper body, cardio and core! Continue reading Partner Workout!


Get your squat challenge on!

A recent study published in Sports Medicine just looked at half versus full squats and found not only are full squats not dangerous, but actually cause less stress on your knee joint and spine.  So get low! Proper form is essential – not just for strengthening your muscles but also for protecting your spine and other synovial joints.  Just like the white text on blue … Continue reading Get your squat challenge on!

LuLuLemon Yoga Saturdays!

Every Saturday at 9a Lululemon opens its doors to the community and offers a yoga class. The instructors rotate throughout the year, they feature a gym each month and the month of October in the city of Madison’ Lululemon selected Monkey Bar Gym! Oct 1st, 9th, and 22nd I will be the yoga instructor. I love this opportunity to meet new yogis in the community … Continue reading LuLuLemon Yoga Saturdays!

WSUM: Health Tips on the Road!

‘Good Afternoon this is Caitlin Iverson hosting ‘Fit for Feats’.  This is part 2 of the staying fit while traveling series. It’s summer time, which for most of us students that means travel/adventure and explore! Traveling can seriously hinder exercise routines and especially derail healthy eating habits. Last week we took a round trip world tour with music hits from around the world.  I provided … Continue reading WSUM: Health Tips on the Road!

Wellness Wednesdays on WSUM Madison’s Student Radio

I host a talk show on Madison’s Student Radio WSUM 91.7 FM.  I am live on Wednesdays at noon.  The title of my show is … surprise, surprise ‘Fit for Feats’. The byline:’What does health mean? Turns out you don’t need to sweat at the gym everyday in order to stay fit. That said, we do need to move, play and explore our environment. Speaking … Continue reading Wellness Wednesdays on WSUM Madison’s Student Radio

Monkey Bar Gymnasium – Takes it to the Park!

Workout Outside! Although this video has footage from before snow was on the ground, the point is workouts can be enjoyed anywhere! The weather is never a good excuse not to enjoy the outdoors – do yourself a favor and get proper gear! Rent some skis, dust off your skates or snowshoes and get outside! Madisonians – if you find yourself near Lake Monona, make … Continue reading Monkey Bar Gymnasium – Takes it to the Park!

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Heart Rate Training for Women

Recently The New York Times published an article discussing a ‘Recalibrated Formula‘ for female heart rate training.  If you have been tuned into the fitness industry, you have probably heard buzzwords like ‘target heart rate’ and ‘zone-training’.  Heart-rate training allows you to monitor and regulate the intensity of your workout, ensuring you get the benefits you desire (aka fat-loss, endurance training, power building, etc.)  As … Continue reading Heart Rate Training for Women