Barefoot Training – Strength from the Ground Up!

Did you know that the human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints and 20 muscles? It also has an intricate composition of receptors, tendons and ligaments. If you have yet to let those toes out since winter, it’s time for some ped-treatment!  Take off the socks and the shoes that bind your feet.  Like any other part of your incredible organism, your feet need stimulation … Continue reading Barefoot Training – Strength from the Ground Up!

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Hand Stand Push-Ups

Check it out! Now it is your turn! If you have never tried this before you might think it is incredible, its easy if you practice and progress properly! Start with Kicking up to a Hand Stand on the Wall: Begin in an exagerated sprinters stance Fingers about 5 inches from the wall Palms spread out Weight evenly across both hands Keep arms straight and … Continue reading Hand Stand Push-Ups

Power Wheel Crawl – 100 Yard Challenge!

The Power Wheel was found to be the ‘best core trainer’ by a study conducted at the University of California – Berkeley.  Jon Hinds created the Power Wheel in 1997 to dynamically improve core stabilization, strength, power and balance.  It is by far my favorite and if you would like to get your hands on one check out  Monkey Bar Gym Currently, I am in … Continue reading Power Wheel Crawl – 100 Yard Challenge!