Partner Workout!

Because sometimes its just better together!

Begin with a warm up – options include (but certainly not limited to): yoga sequence, jump rope, cardio/agility drills


  1. Wall sit — 100 Squats
  2. Plank hold — 50 Push ups
  3. Jump Rope 500 revolutions
  4. Warrior 3 hold — 30 inch worms
  5. Wall sit — 100 Squat med ball thrusts
  6. Plank hold — 50 Plank rows
  7. 50 Partner Burpiees!
  8. Core Ball Sit Ups — Crawl 40 ft

In case that needs a little explanation:

Partner A wall sits, while partner B counts squats. You can switch after 10 squats, or 100 squats – the interval is up to you! Either way, both partners will complete 100 squats each and will wall sit while the other is moving.

If you are wall siting, plank holding, warrior 3 holding, or core ball sit up-ing – you are not counting, you just focus on maintaining your form and encouraging your partner!

If you don’t want to count 500 Jump Rope revolutions, just jump for 5 minutes!


Most of this can be just your body weight! If you don’t have a jump rope, use 3lb weights or an imaginary rope. If you don’t have a core ball, just substitute with sit ups.

Any Questions?


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