Get your squat challenge on!

That baby has great form!

A recent study published in Sports Medicine just looked at half versus full squats and found not only are full squats not dangerous, but actually cause less stress on your knee joint and spine.  So get low!

Proper form is essential – not just for strengthening your muscles but also for protecting your spine and other synovial joints.  Just like the white text on blue background says: feet shoulder width apart, weight in the heals, upright torso, head in neutral, and crease of hip below parallel!

Now onto the challenge: In June I did the 30 Day Squat Challenge for fun (Do you remember how I said in my last post that I am a new parent? my definition of fun has thus changed!)


I would advise getting a partner to do this with in order to ensure accountability! Write it down, set daily reminders, share your goals with friends and family… Good habits take longer to catch than bad habits.  Knowing that is half the battle, the other half is your own determination!



It has been several months and its time to get geared up for December’s Squat Challenge … Who is with me!?!



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