WSUM: Health Tips on the Road!

‘Good Afternoon this is Caitlin Iverson hosting ‘Fit for Feats’.  This is part 2 of the staying fit while traveling series. It’s summer time, which for most of us students that means travel/adventure and explore!

Traveling can seriously hinder exercise routines and especially derail healthy eating habits. Last week we took a round trip world tour with music hits from around the world.  I provided some tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your caloric intake while exploring this blue planet.

Today we will take a roadtrip and discuss ways to be healthy on your adventures.  Lets kick it off with some sweet tunes to start your roadtrip!

‘Get myself into it’– The Rapture

‘For the girl’ – The Fratellis

I hope those tunes got you moving,  as a sweet mix is essential for long road trips.

My first tip for staying healthy on your roadtrip is to pack a kooler of healthy snacks that keep well like cut up fruits and veggies, and plenty of water.

If your trip is a bit longer and a kooler wont last look for places like Quik Trip that have ‘500 Club Meals’, which are meals under 500 calories and include reduced or only healthy fats.

This is Caitlin Iverson with WSUM 91.7FM Madison.  Stay tuned for more healthy traveling trips.

Air France ‘Beach Party’

Chairlift ‘Bruises’

On long roadtrip your body tends to lose energy from being stagnant in the car. Make sure to take advantage of breaks by moving your body at rest stops. I like to do a few yoga poses like forward flexion, front warrior and walking lunges. You could also pack a jump rope, soccer ball or even a Frisbee to get that heart rate up and enjoy some much needed playtime.

Thanks for tuning in today to Fit for Feats – aka feats of strength. Today we are chatting about staying healthy when you are traversing the terrain on the road.

Obviously packing food is nice in that you know exactly what you are eating, but if you can find a grocery store wherever you are staying, many hotels have refridgerators to store your fresh foods.  Also, park the car and take a hike to explore the land!

These next few tunes have something to do with driving – hope you enjoy!

Gotye ‘Night Drive’

Gladys Night ‘Midnight train to Georgia’

Various Artists ‘I drove all night’

That last song needs a bit of introduction. Last year I was in costa rica and I asked a friend I had made to make a mix cd for my road trip. After he asked if I had ever heard of a man named Carlos Santa up in America, I wasn’t sure what would be on the mix. Of course I responded with a casual afrermation that Carlos Santa has made himself known up in America!  This song was one of the many interesting and pecular tunes.  Sometimes staying healthy also means being flexible with what is available!

My last travel tip for the day has to do with packing. As I mentioned before, packing healthy foods is ideal. Packing your own gym, to do your favorite body workouts, jump rope, p90x, suspension trainer like TRX or Jungle Gym are excellent additions to your trip. Whatever you do stay happy, as stress an derail even the best healthy intentions!

Thank you for sharing your time with me.  Enjoy your day – make it healthy and happy!

The Beatles ‘All Together Now’


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