Wellness Wednesdays on WSUM Madison’s Student Radio

I host a talk show on Madison’s Student Radio WSUM 91.7 FM.  I am live on Wednesdays at noon.  The title of my show is … surprise, surprise ‘Fit for Feats’.

The byline:’What does health mean? Turns out you don’t need to sweat at the gym everyday in order to stay fit. That said, we do need to move, play and explore our environment. Speaking of our environment, what have you done for yours lately? Let’s chat about sustainability and how small changes overtime really do make a difference. I will ask some health professionals to join the show to help pique your interest in learning about your health: nutrition, fitness and that of this blue planet. Fit for Feats will also inspire and prepare you for feats of strength like swimming across Lake Monona, hike Devils Lake and bike the MS 150 (nothing too far out of reach for the typical Madisonian) plus the only bicep curls I’ll ask you to do will be with your water bottle!

My first show was on August 9th, literally the day after I got back to Madison from a summer of: Jamaica, Minnesota Wedding, 4th of July Madison, Istanbul for a Communication Conference, Turkey, and Montauk, New York.  My show was more music than talking as I was a bit exhausted, but it had a stay healthy while you travel theme.  Here is the playlist and my script.  Currently wordpress wont let me upload an hour long mp3, but I will figure out how to podcast my show for you to listen … stay tuned!

‘Good Afternoon this is Caitlin Iverson hosting ‘Fit for Feats’. Its summer time which for most of us students that means travel/adventure and explore!

  • Traveling can seriously hinder exercise routines and especially derail healthy eating habits.  I have some tips for how to travel and stay healthy but first lets check out some tunes from around the world.

From Jamaica:

Sound dimension ‘Heavy Beat’

Major lazer – (recorded in Jamaica) ‘I’m not your lemonade’

I started this summer with an adventure in Jamaica thus started this program with some Jamaican beats. That first song was from sound dimension followed by Major Lazer who recorded that track in Jamaica

Before we get into tips for how to travel and stay healthy,  lets hop across the pond to Africa.

Hop the pond to Africa

From Mali: Amadou & Mariam ‘I Follow you’

From Senegal: Youssou N’Dour ‘Wiri-Wiri’

I follow you from the Album Welcome to Mali was followed by Wiri-Wiri recorded in Senegal

  • Traveling usually means that you are eating out more and cooking less. Grocery stores often have fresh fruits and veggies that you can snack on between meals – this helps both the pocket book and the body as hungry people tend to order more food.

Let’s head north around the globe to Europe.


Fever ray – Swedish – ‘Seven’

Apparat – German – ‘Hallin’ From the Edge’

Im from Barcelona – Espanol – ‘Collection of Stamps’

This is Caitlin Iverson with Fit for Feats here at WSUM 91.7 FM Madison– today’s program has a healthy travel influence as I just flew home last night from Turkey with a stop over in Long Island, New York – so far we have heard beats from Jamaica, Africa, and Europe.

  • Healthy traveling isn’t just about your body but also about how you treat the planet. Many countries have different disposal rules and regulations and my advice is do the best you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.  Buy a water purifier so that you don’t need to buy plastic water bottles everyday

Let’s spend some time in Europe but check out some fantastic music from the UK

Florence and the Machine ‘Howl’

Fujiya & Miyagi ‘Collarbone’

Burial ‘Archangel’

Welcome back to Fit for Feats.  Today’s topic: stay healthy while traveling this great blue planet!

  • Sometimes the only exercise you can get while traveling is walking and dancing. My suggestion is to walk and dance as often as possible!  Where ever you are when you travel one of the best ways to understand a culture is to listen to their music.  Dancing is a way to communicate universally.   I hope some of these tunes have made you want to move those bones.

Lets hop back across the pond on our round trip of the traveling beats – leaving the UK stopping over in Canada this is Elisane with Vaporous before coming home to the US.

Elisane ‘Vaporous’

Beats Antique – Cali with tribal influence, belly dancing – ‘Beauty Beats’

That last one was from Beats Antique a band from the US.  Our round trip is complete thanks for tuning in and traveling to Jamaica, Africa, Europe and back to America. Tune in next week and I’ll discuss more healthy traveling tips, maybe with a more local vibe like a perfect playlist for hiking devils lake, or a road trip! This is Caitlin Iverson enjoy your beautiful day!

I’ll leave you with a song called Uncharted as this life certainly is!

Sara Bareilles ‘Uncharted’

WSUM streams live online at WSUM.org 

Fit for Feats airs Wednesdays at 12pm


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