Find the Balance: Between Work and Life

I am a full-time graduate student, a project assistant, a Monkey Bar Gymnasium Instructor, a documentary writer, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend, a roommate, a blogger, a health news reporter, a researcher, a health promotion implementer, a grant writer, a healthy eater, an exercise enthusiast….

This list is not exhaustive – and I know plenty of people with more on their plate! After a yoga class I taught the other day a fellow graduate student asked me

‘How do you find the time? How can you fit in both teaching and exercising… and school?’

To the overworked graduate students and workaholics:

~ First, Take Time To Breathe ~

~ Second, nothing good was ever accomplished while you were rushing ~

If you are running late, be late.  Showing up a day late and a dollar short is not the answer.  Instead, show up late with a smile and a dollar to spare. I find when I have the urge to run out the door in the morning, I usually forget something important.  (I take a deep breath and focus – sometimes I do a hand stand – It helps me to put things into perspective!)

Third, Make time for you – take breaks and move!

Schedule workouts into your daily planner and make them as much of a priority as a meeting with your boss.  I have seen people working from their laptop while on the treadmill! I doubt productivity increased as much as it would if they would have taken a mental break. Your health, mental and physical, is more important than any due date or deadline. Understand your limits ~ the overworked are often exhausted, unhealthy eaters, and too young to look that old.

It is easy to lose sight of what is important when you have bosses and professors requesting your time. Commitments, tasks and obligations can fill every aspect of your day if you let them.  Remember …

This is your life ~ and time is not something you will ever have enough of nor will you get it back once its gone

Recently I was on an outdoor adventure with a friend I truly admire and she said her wish for this year is to find

‘Balance Between Living In the Moment and Living For the Future’

For more information on finding that work-life balance:

‘Striking a Balance’ By Kelly Grace From Experience Life Magazine


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