Yoga for Bicyclists

It is summer time and that means long bike ride season!  Unfortunately, long bike rides can cause tight hips and shoulders, which in turn cause neck and low back pain.  Thus biking should be accompanied with realignment to restore your body and allow all the benefits of exercising to be present.  Yoga is perfect for realignment from the constant hip flexion and potential shoulder and neck tension from biking.

This video shows poses that help to release tension in your neck and shoulders. In addition there are essential poses for core stability, and hip opening.  Watch the outstanding Eischen’s Yoga Instructor, Ali Dwyer take me through a 3 minute Yoga for Bicyclists session.

Another pose that is perfect for opening your hips after a bike ride is supine bridge.  Jessica Rucker is an excellent Eischen’s Yoga Therapist. This next video she is instructing a warm up for the body power class at the Monkey Bar Gym.

Don’t waste your time being sore

Recover Fast

~ Realignment takes minutes and benefits are infinite ~


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