Bicyclist Benefits

Bicycle BenefitsIf you have not heard about the new craze for bicyclists checkout – Across country businesses are openning their doors and giving deals and free stuff away to those of us who

Bicycle Benefits ride instead of drive — ecofriendly folks!

Bicycle Benefits wear helmet – mom always said ‘Safety First, Fun Always’

Bicycle Benefits have a super cool ‘Bicycle Benefit’ sticker on their helmet  (they are blue or pink)

You can acquire your sticker at any of the participating businesses for $5.  Here in Madison, WI there are 97 local businesses and counting (cafes, taverns, stores from Ace Hardware to Willy St Co-op)  who support this national sustainable program. The Monkey Bar Gym has just partnered up with Bicycle Benefits offering One Free Class when you buy a class.  The objective of Bicycle Benefits is to reward cyclists for their commitment to physical activity, helmet usage, clean air, and decreasing parking demand.  In combination the program rewards participating businesses with new customers, free advertising, and increased customer loyalty.  What could be better than decreasing contamination while increasing commerce within the community?

Ride Your Bike

Get Your Sticker ~ Promote Healthy Living ~ Build Community


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