Look Ma, I’m on TV!

On Thursday this clip on ‘Madison Runners Join the Barefoot Craze’ was aired on the Channel 3000 NBCChannel 3 News

Area Runners Join Barefoot Craze

Vibram 5 Fingers

I want to again stress the importance of transitioning into barefoot training and running.  Many people are getting injured by not listening to their body.  There is a difference between working until pain and working through the pain.  We all can be hard headed and determined, but I would much rather see someone take it slow and steady versus having to recover from going too far too fast.  It is a sign of strength to honor your body.

Now with that said, I challenge you to strengthen your feet by going for a walk in the park, or spend one hour more than you normally would barefoot!


One thought on “Look Ma, I’m on TV!

  1. You have certainly glorified the nakedness of tootsies. I hope you’re happy. My little piggies are in awe. Thank you.

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