Play Monkey!

Last week, I went through the Monkey Bar Gymnasium’s Certified Natural Training Intensive Course.   I am now a Certified Natural Trainer! Among many amazing lessons I learned how to:

  • Instruct a Monkey Bar Gymnasium Class (Boot Camp, Body Power & Eischen’s Yoga)
  • Train every movement for stability, strength and power levels
  • Engage my own and a student or client’s weakened areas to strengthen the whole body
  • Relieve aches and pains within the body caused by misalignments – realigning and restoring with Eischens Yoga
  • Utilize tools like resistance cables, power wheel, and kettlebells to gain speed, strength and stamina

At the Monkey Bar Gym

We Run….

Jessica Rucker Running with a Power Sprinter

We Jump….

Monkey Bar Gym Jumping
Broad Jumping -- I'm the girl in the air!

Your Turn!

  1. Start with the feet shoulder width apart
  2. Bend Forward from the hips with arms straight back behind you = Ready Position
  3. Eye gaze at the cross between the wall in front of you and the ceiling
  4. Shift your weight forward onto your toes, shoot arms forward and extend your hips as you jump!
  5. Land quietly with heel first then toes and drop into ready position, Repeat!

We Climb …

My attempt at a Flagpole

This would be more impressive (and I will progress to more impressive) if the ‘pole’ was at 90° and if I wasn’t using a cable on my feet for assistance.

Keep Climbing Everyone!

We Crawl…

We Crawl on our Hands!

Eischen’s Yoga

Another amazing feature of the Monkey Bar Gym is restorative Eischens Yoga which can be thought of as feedback yoga.  Feedback is done with a partner and when in the pose you resist where your partner pushes or pulls.  This will engage every muscle and create muscle memory so that when you perform skills you use all of your stabilizing muscles in proper alignment!

Feedback with Yoga Poses

Erin and Louise are pulling on my calves, so that I resist forward and in at the shins, and pushing on my thighs, so that I resist out at the hips. You can’t see from the picture, but I am so engaged that my legs are shaking! From this relatively easy pose when you are inactive, it is possible to create intense activation by utilizing every inner stabilizing muscle!

We Are Certified!

April 2010 Monkey Bar Gymnasium Intensive Certified Natural Trainers and Jon Hinds

For more information regarding the MBG Intensive experience check out Matt Poster’s blog Get Fit and Staying Fit

If you are looking to enhance your training, learn how to shatter all your previous physical records, sign up for the MBG Intensive course in August 2010!


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