Hand Stand Push-Ups

Check it out!

Now it is your turn!

If you have never tried this before you might think it is incredible, its easy if you practice and progress properly!

Start with Kicking up to a Hand Stand on the Wall:

  • Begin in an exagerated sprinters stance
  • Fingers about 5 inches from the wall
  • Palms spread out
  • Weight evenly across both hands
  • Keep arms straight and strong
  • Start kicking up by pushing off from your bent leg

Goal: Lightly and quietly onto the wall and off of the wall … this takes control from your core!

Progress to Hand Stand Push-Ups – Check out www.monkeybargym.com to learn more


4 thoughts on “Hand Stand Push-Ups

  1. I love handstand push-ups. I have been doing them since high school. I would do a few before a big test, to burn off some adrenalin and get the blood flowing and circulating to my head.

    Great Carnival music btw!

  2. Wow Cait! You are really trying a lot of new things. Love the hand stand push-ups, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any anytime soon :))

    1. I am confident that if you try you can also do hand stand push-ups!
      Start in down-dog position and try to get your elbows to the ground (push-ups!)
      Then after a couple weeks of mastering your down-dog push-ups put your feet up on a box.
      This progression moves your bodyweight forward to your upper body to train for hand stand push ups that are 100% upper body!
      Hopefully this helps – Let me know when you complete a HSPU and then we’ll talk about hand stand walking on stairs!

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