Certifying a Natural Trainer

What is a Natural Trainer? A Trainer who teaches natural movements like running, jumping, climbing, crawling and knows how to progress each move for any ability level.  A certified natural trainer also professes the MBG3 or the Monkey Bar Gym Plant Based Nutrition, Eischen’s Restorative Yoga and Functional Skills Training.

Today is day 4 of the MBG Intensive training course.  Yesterday I completed 160 yards on the power wheel crawl (breaking my previous record by 120 yards).  Today I took my very first steps on my hands aka hand stand walking! It felt incredible! I also figured out how to do kettlebell snatches, swings, cleans and presses without cutting up my hands – turns out proper technique is a real bonus!

I have been asked by several people lately am I sore? The way Jon Hinds trains is total body inclusive – I cannot point to any one muscle in my body and find a tender spot because every movement is synergistic.  There is no isolated moving and thus no isolated muscle pain.  I am human and thus I am exhausted from the past 4 days of fun functional activity, but I know with some rest tonight I will be ready for more tomorrow!

I am learning an incredible amount about my body and how to move functionally.  I can also break down any movement for training and progressing to the optimal level.    This is incredible information that I cannot wait to share!


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