Smooth, Healthy, Radiant Skin … Just Another Reason to Exercise Daily!

This blog is not to be confused with the typical artificial beauty guide, or the fad fitness that promises flat abs if you exercise for just 8 minutes a day! No way! I am more concerned with a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and looking fit are just beneficial side effects.  Speaking of bonuses from an exercise routine, there are some you might not have known before.  Of course it is incredible to feel comfortable in your clothes, but there are even more potentially unnoticed attributes to being active!

Get the Glow

Say No to Dry, Flaky, Wrinkly Skin!

Audrey Kunin, an MD dermatologist, will attest that sweating can be compared to a mini-facial! When sweat is released, pores are dilated allowing the sweat to carry out dirt and oil!

1. Reduce Breakouts and Acne

Capillaries to your skin open during exercise and increased blood flow delivers nutrients to skin cells

2. Repair Sun Damage

Increased blood flow and nutrient delivery also stimulates fibroblasts, which are collagen producing cells.

3. Reduce Wrinkles

  • You can spend millions in artificial products attempting to make your skin look radiant or the natural approach with a good sweat!

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