Power Wheel Crawl – 100 Yard Challenge!

Power Wheel - The Ultimate Core Training Equipment

The Power Wheel was found to be the ‘best core trainer’ by a study conducted at the University of California – Berkeley.  Jon Hinds created the Power Wheel in 1997 to dynamically improve core stabilization, strength, power and balance.  It is by far my favorite and if you would like to get your hands on one check out  Monkey Bar Gym

Currently, I am in Stabilization Mode and working up the core strength to be able to perfect the power wheel crawl.  My goal is to complete 100 yards of the power wheel crawl.  I challenge you to try this too!


In Stabilization mode it is important to maintain alignment in the spine and engage the core muscles (transversus abdominus ~ like shrink wrap on the spine);  (obliques ~ prevent rotation and keep the hips level);  (rectus abdominus ~ most superficial anterior core muscle) and (erector spinae ~ large spine stabilizer).

Beginning at the top of a push-up with your feet in the power wheel straps and hold for 30-60seconds then rest for 30 seconds before repeating 3 times!

Once you can hold the push up advance to the crawl!  See if you can move forward and backward with out dropping your head in the dog bowl, elevating your hips, or losing connection through the thoracic spine.  Next step the 100 yard challenge!

This Guy did the 100 yard Power Wheel Crawl Challenge in 1 minute and 34 seconds … I am pretty sure I can beat that

I will try to do it in under 1:30!

Once you have your Power Wheel, check out BRAVA Magazine Online, Celebrating Women in Madison, WI and Beyond with their focus on the beautifully strong and talented, Jessica Rucker!


2 thoughts on “Power Wheel Crawl – 100 Yard Challenge!

    1. I am currently in discussion and planning mode for the University Band Practice Field on the West Side of campus to hold an event with 100 people and 100 yards! (Apparently Camp Randall cannot hold outside events due to the deterioration of the turf) Hopefully sometime late May we can kick the summer off with an awesome fitness activity!

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