Depressed? Stressed? Leave the pills at the pharmacy and Exercise!

It should come as no surprise that exercise enhances mood.  Serotonin, sometimes regarded as the ‘happy’ brain chemical, is involved in the regulation of our emotions. After exercise there is increased brain activity from this neurotransmitter.

Research over the past decade proves that the adult human brain can produce new neurons, a process called neurogenesis. Exercise can stimulate the creation of new brain cells and increase your ability to learn.

Did you know that exercise reduces stress?

A study done at Princeton University by Doctor Benjamin Greenwood found that rats that exercise respond better to stress.  Their brains remain ‘biochemically and molecularly calm’ in the face of stress.  Interestingly, Dr Greenwood showed that exercise not only stimulates the creation of new brain cells, but that the young neurons born in a positive stressful environment (running for example) are better prepared to handle stress in other forms.

Exercise  improves your attitude, enhances your ability to focus, and reduces anxiety!

Spend time working on your health ~ preventatively!

Before trying to find a quick-fix from a pill, try to find the solution from within.

Take a Deep Breath to Reduce Stress!

(Please discuss with your doctor before changing any prescribed medications)

More information on ‘re Modeling your brain’ from Nesconset Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation


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