The Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Challenge 5

Week of Challenges is coming to an end – but that does not mean you should give up! Let’s say for example Monday was a bit busy and challenge number 1 (walk, bike, skate, ski, canoe vs car and bus to travel) was not accomplished… that is not a failure, that is motive to try again … and again! These challenges are not for one day, they are ongoing.  I’ve said it before and I will continue – do one thing different for your health and the health of the planet – everyday.  Constant forward momentum, continue to improve.  Small changes make big differences – you can make a difference! Healthy lifestyles typically do not develop in one day. The problems in this world are not daunting if you are involved, one step at a time incessantly overtime generates a great deal of distance from where you started.

So here we are at Challenge 5, and you know it is a fitness challenge, maybe you are intimidated, but know that I want you to succeed with these challenges.  Thus the ultimate fitness challenge is to try something new!

Have you ever woken up before or with the sun to get some movement in before your day? There are tons of research on the benefits of exercising first thing in the morning, but I want to just to imagine instead of hitting the snooze button that you elevate your body and go for a stroll around the block, maybe a few lunges, push-ups and yoga poses.  Don’t knock it til you try it – and if you haven’t tried it this would be the perfect time to start AND complete your fitness challenge!

Find Your Inner Child!

Have you gone to the gym for a couple months then got burned out or bored with your routine? TRY something new!

  • Hula Hooping, Jump Roping, Climbing, Tight-Rope Walking, Dancing, Skipping, Juggling – endless opportunities to get in touch with your inner child!
  • Remember how much fun cartwheels were? Or how about hand stands?

If those options have not piqued your interest get involved in recreational sports:

  • Check out your local newspaper for recreation opportunities – volleyball, basketball, cycropia, salsa dancing, mixed martial arts, softball
You Could Cycropia - Why Not Try?
You Could Cycropia ~ Why Not Try?

If that STILL doesn’t tickle your fancy try:

  • cardio-shopping, cardio-cleaning, buy a work out video and jam at home, grab a friend a go for a walk before meeting for a beverage, go to a national park, rent a bike or dust yours off and cycle around, find a new park

Hope this helps, and if you cannot hear your inner voice saying “Yes I can” hear me, “Yes, YOU can”!


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