Challenge number 3: LEARN!

Just because you have a degree or you graduated does not mean learning stops.  My dad always told me to learn something new everyday – if you are living you still have plenty to learn!

The Challenge is to learn or re-learn something about your body!

-Do you know your blood type?

-Do you know 4 muscles in your core?

-How about your resting heart rate?

-How about how fast you can jog/run a mile?

-Can you balance on one foot?

-Can you touch your toes?

-Did you know 1 pound of fat is 3,500 calories of stored energy?

-Did you know your food travels 30 feet from your mouth through your digestive system and out?

Find a fun fact and share it here!

We must constantly improve whether that be our mind, body or universe.  Continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to improve!


3 thoughts on “Challenge number 3: LEARN!

  1. I can honestly say I do not know most of those… but I can definitely touch my toes and stand on one foot.

    Fun fact I learned today – Mount Waialeale on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, is one of the wettest places on Earth. It averages 462 inches of rainfall per year.

    1. Most general practitioners no longer check your blood type, but you can ask. When you donate blood through a National Blood service they will of course check and can let you know. I currently cannot give blood because I travel to places outside of USA and often to potential malaria infected areas. Women get blood type tested when they are pregnant – this checks to see if the mother is rhesus negative or positive (if the baby inherited rhesus positive from the father and the mother is rhesus negative, the mother’s immune system could see the baby’s blood cells as an infection and attack!) But in your case, Don, if you are interested either a) ask your GP or b) donate your RBCs! It could be a fun way to discuss inheritance with your little ones!

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