Day 2 of Challenge Week!

First lets check in – how did the Fitness incorporation for your travel routine go? I did not get into any motorized vehicles yesterday – I did not, however, have far to travel so I’m not sure how motivating that is for you! Keep incorporating more movement and less motor! Use the greenest energy to navigate the planet – your own fantastic, living, moving, breathing, happy body!

I have just alluded to my next challenge! Green Energy is better!!! Let’s face it sustainable energy is a worldwide problem and instead of being daunted by the challenge, instead of feeling overwhelmed and powerless – think again – you can help.  Small changes, small steps toward a goal is what counts.  If everyday you can improve yourself and help your surroundings you will make a huge difference over a lifetime.

An overall healthy way of life includes a healthy environment – and thus it is our responsibility help our blue planet stay blue!  My challenge for you today (and for me!) is to find an aspect of your daily life to decrease your carbon footprint.

A friend of mine presented me with a ‘zero waste challenge’, which seems unrealistic, but alas is not out of reach. His attempt was for a month to not produce any waste that could not be compostable or reusable.  To read more check out  Even more sensational and inspiring is the story of Conlin Beavan aka the ‘No Impact Man’ and his family in New York City take on a year long challenge to make no net impact on the environment.  They become locavores, create a compost and generate no trash, use no carbon-fueled transportation, no electricity, no laundry detergent, no toilet paper, no diapers.  I encourage you to watch ‘No Impact Man’ documentary or follow his blog on  What happened? No TV allowed for more family time.  No cars, buses trains? Increased their activity level (they actually grew younger looking throughout the documentary!) Local organic food? Healthy eating can and does taste good and feels great!

Here are some tips for you and as always I was not the first to come up with these ideas, but we need to be reminded. It is essential to try, it is essential to test your limits to find out where they are … then persevere through the limits to create new ones!  Do one thing everyday, lifestyle changes do not happen overnight, the environment wont be healed over night – but you CAN make a difference!

– Turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater (gotta love J. Carter!)

– Warm vs. Hot Shower – get used to warm and if you need the hot shower to wake up in the morning – try a jog around the block instead!

– Turn off the faucet while lathering, brushing, shaving etc – seems wild but Europeans have done this for ages – and I always do at my family’s beach house so why not conserve water at home!

-Bring bags with you – everywhere! It’s not difficult to stash an extra bag in your pocket or purse – always have an empty reusable, eco-friendly bag with you and it will become hard to forget it in your car when you get to the store!

Unplug unused electronics – your phone charger, microwave, toaster, curling iron etc when you are not using these items unplug them – these devices secretly use energy even when they are not on – decrease your emissions and energy bill by unplugging!

-SAY No to paper napkins, straws, plastic utensils, and styrofoam take-out boxes! Give it a whirl and if nothing else at least be aware!

Fun Fact : Brazil has been encouraging its residents to save water by urinating in the shower! Humor works my friends, but in all seriousness if a household can reduce one flush a day it save over a 1,000 gallons a year! Watch the TV ad that has been broadcasting in Brazil, children voices narrate and at the end they exclaim, ‘Pee in the Shower! Save the Atlantic Rainforest!’

Enjoy your challenge and let me know how it goes!


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