Challenge Week! Fitness, Nutrition, Mind, Body, and Universe Challenges for Improving You and Your Surroundings!

Challenge Numero Uno – Monday’s Challenge is a Fitness Activity!!!

These challenges are meant to be easily incorporated into your life – I want you to make progress and be successful.  The point of this week is to recognize that it is simple small changes that make big overall change.  The key is to constantly improve and to be able to answer the question ‘Am I better than I was yesterday’ with a wholehearted YES!

The first of 5 challenges this week is to examine your travel routine and increase movement.

Ideas and Tips:

Park farther away even a block or 2 away!

Get off the bus before your stop and walk!

Bike or walk instead of relying on motorized vehicles!

Most health professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day – but that does not need to be consecutive.   Several 10 minute walks throughout your day can make an impact on your metabolism, energy levels and overall well-being.

I challenge you to increase the fitness level in your daily travel excursions ~ Enjoy your Happy, Healthy Monday!


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