“STRESS is related to 99% of all illness”

The title is a quote found on the lululemon athletica manifesto (not necessarily a fact)

Want Facts? Here are some shocking scientifically proven facts I learned while watching the National Geographic Special  “Stress: A Portrait of a Killer”.

Chronic Stress can

♦ kill brain cells (contributing to memory loss and inability to retain information)

♦  deposit fat to abdomen (visceral fat promotes plaque build up in the arteries)

♦  unravel chromosomes (increasing effects of aging)

Wow! Prolonged periods of stress contributes to mammals becoming stupid, fat and old! Yikes!

The Stress Response was once what helped us survive from predators and now is attacking our health! This response is great for short-term ‘fight or flight’.  Unfortunately too many of us have incorporated stress into our daily lives and have forgotten to relax after stressful events, becoming incessantly stressed.  Bills to pay, final exams, job pressure, debts, deadlines, traffic oh my!

Not all stress is bad and a positive attitude can release negative stress.

Tips to stay positive and reduce stress:

♦  Breath Deeply

♦  Stretch and release stress within your tissues

♦  Walk, Run, Bike, Jump – Endorphinize!



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