Power Jumping!

Increase Your Jump Height and Distance with the Power Jumper!

The Monkey Bar Gym is known for functional fitness training.  If you are not lucky enough to live in Madison, WI – follow the weekly work outs at monkeybargym.com – equip yourself with the portable power jumper!  The Power Jumper has foot straps and cushioned pads to protect the back of your legs as shown in the photo above, there is a cable that wraps around the back of your neck and have no fear that is also cushioned!  This equipment allows your body to adapt to the resistance from the cable by building strength and agility.  No matter your sport or athleticism the power jumper can be a fun incorporation to your activities!

Today we jumped 100 yards and tried to accomplish this in as few jumps as possible! I challenge you to broad jump 100 yards in less than 60 jumps? TRY THIS!!!

Power Jumping at Monkey Bar Gym!
Power Jumping at Monkey Bar Gym!

The key is efficiency

~Think distance versus height~

~Use arms for momentum~

~Activate your core strength~

Just one amazing core, leg, and endurance work out for you! Enjoy Jumping


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