Madison Support for fight against Heart Disease!

Madison Capitol at night with the dome illuminated red!
The Dome will be RED for heart disease awareness month. Heart Disease remains the number 1 cause of death in USA

How can you support the fight against cardiovascular disease in your life?  Healthy Diet! (And Daily Activity!!)

5 Healthy Diet Tips:

1) Reduce Saturated Fat Intake

this can lower the LDL Cholesterol

(think fats that float = no good!)

LDL = Low Density Lipoprotein

2) Reduce Processed and Sugary Food Intake

– this can lower triglyceride levels

(very low density = can be even worse in high quantities!)

Triglyceral is predominant in animal and vegetable oils

3) Supplement your diet with Vitamin B6, B12, and Folic Acid

– this can reduce homocysteine levels

(elevated levels of homocysteine weaken the blood vessel lining and bones!)

Homocysteine is an amino acid

4) Consume Fruits and Vegetables

– this increases antioxidant activity

(oxidants can trigger cell death and aging!)

Antioxidants slow down and prevent oxidation

5) Cut Back on/Monitor Intake of Red Meats, Dairy Products, Poultry and Eggs

– this can lower fibrinogin and growth factors

(fibrinogin is involved in blood clotting)

Fibrinogin and Growth Factors are found in animal products

For information on Events in Madison for the fight against Heart Disease:

The Cap Times ‘Go Red in February’

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2 thoughts on “Madison Support for fight against Heart Disease!

  1. Good stuff Cait! Your kickboxing classes kicked a$$ and kicked my a$$. I’m in Borneo now with my parents…Have a happy and healthy day!!!

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