What is Fit for Feats?

Tentative agenda

Fit’s goals are subject to change but here is what I envision thus far

I am a fitness professional – I am fully aware of how bogus that can sound which is why I say it hoping someone will question the validity – regardless, I have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to health and fitness specifically physiological responses to exercise, nutrition, stress, and aging.  After teaching in health clubs, I also am aware of common pitfalls as well as the difference between fitness ‘lifers’ and the seasonally ambitious.  I’m hoping that the average person can tune in, get inspired and continue their journey in health – can I stress this is a journey not a destination and as all things in life you must put forth effort to receive benefit.  My goal is to provide ways to keep moving – no use living with friction – Newton’s first law of motion – inertia – an object in motion will remain in motion!

I like to try new things – I plan on attending classes around the Madison area to see what challenges I can introduce to my body – for example I plan on trying hula hooping, juggling, cycropia, tightrope walking (aka funambulism), as well as the norm body power, boot camp, yoga, Pilates.  With any luck an avid ‘fit for feats’ reader will join me in these endeavors as there is substantial evidence that says body moving with friends is better than moving alone!

A year ago I could not do a perfect push-up.  I made it my goal to strengthen my core, pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, triceps brachii and trapezius in order to be successful.  At the last ‘Feats of Strength’ competition I had with my friends I completed 50 push-ups which beat the runner-up by 6 push-ups.  I constantly create new goals – one I am working on is to complete an off the wall hand-stand push-up. Mostly because I think this would be a sweet trick to do at a park this summer! Currently, however, I cannot stabilize a hand-stand and thus I will track my progress and how I will train for this ‘feat’ here on this blog – stay tuned!


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