Fitness Enthusiasts and Wannabees!

Fit Wannabees its time to BE!

“Get in Shape” seems to be the resolution most attempted – if you don’t believe me just go to a health club and notice how packed they become the first three weeks in January! For whatever reason the goal for fitness is initiated early in the year, yet those well-intentions lose out to the easier-to-make bad habits of lethargy.

What is the difference between those who stick to the plan and those who don’t quite make their goals? Just a few good choices create a healthy lifestyle.

Tip numero uno: Start with one healthy choice – A healthy way of life does not happen overnight.

When that urge to snack occurs try fruits and veggies instead of chips and cookies.  Also chopping up bulk carrots, celery and cucumbers allows for easy to grab options when hunger strikes!

Chips and cookies do not have to leave your diet completely – keep the fats and sugars to a minimum and snack in moderation. Diets typically crash when you take everything you love to eat out and replace with tasteless ‘edibles’. Healthy food is yummy – Get fresh, colorful produce and enjoy how your body feels after you eat delicious nutrients!


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