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Partner Workout!

Try this with your buddy: lower body, upper body, cardio and core! Continue reading Partner Workout!

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Health and Fitness Report!

WSUM is UW- Madison’s student radio and I am the newest member of the news radio team as the health and fitness reporter! Here is my first report: ‘New Years Resolutions – Keep Motivated throughout the year’ Nutrition Tips, Setting Goals, Exercise Tips, Healthy Snacking, Health and Fitness Education ~ Enjoy! Continue reading Health and Fitness Report!

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Life is a work in progress

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts – It certainly has been awhile since my last post.  To re-vive this blog I decided to start with a new theme.  Changing times calls for updates and revisions.  Life after all is a work in progress – so please excuse the unpolished look as I update previous posts. I hope you like the new look – its clean, showcases photos and … Continue reading Life is a work in progress

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Find the Balance: Between Work and Life

I am a full-time graduate student, a project assistant, a Monkey Bar Gymnasium Instructor, a documentary writer, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend, a roommate, a blogger, a health news reporter, a researcher, a health promotion implementer, a grant writer, a healthy eater, an exercise enthusiast…. This list is not exhaustive – and I know plenty of people with more on their … Continue reading Find the Balance: Between Work and Life

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Hand Stand Push-Ups

Check it out! Now it is your turn! If you have never tried this before you might think it is incredible, its easy if you practice and progress properly! Start with Kicking up to a Hand Stand on the Wall: Begin in an exagerated sprinters stance Fingers about 5 inches from the wall Palms spread out Weight evenly across both hands Keep arms straight and … Continue reading Hand Stand Push-Ups

Get your squat challenge on!

A recent study published in Sports Medicine just looked at half versus full squats and found not only are full squats not dangerous, but actually cause less stress on your knee joint and spine.  So get low! Proper form is essential – not just for strengthening your muscles but also for protecting your spine and other synovial joints.  Just like the white text on blue … Continue reading Get your squat challenge on!

Cinnamon – Spice Up Your Life!

Cinnamon Trees are native to South Asia, the bark of the cinnamon tree is dried and rolled into sticks, which is also called quills. The characteristic flavor and aroma of cinnamon comes from a compound in the essential oil of the bark called cinnamonaldehyde. Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices.  Once the outer bark of the tree is removed cinnamon sticks, or quills have … Continue reading Cinnamon – Spice Up Your Life!

LuLuLemon Yoga Saturdays!

Every Saturday at 9a Lululemon opens its doors to the community and offers a yoga class. The instructors rotate throughout the year, they feature a gym each month and the month of October in the city of Madison’ Lululemon selected Monkey Bar Gym! Oct 1st, 9th, and 22nd I will be the yoga instructor. I love this opportunity to meet new yogis in the community … Continue reading LuLuLemon Yoga Saturdays!

WSUM: Health Tips on the Road!

‘Good Afternoon this is Caitlin Iverson hosting ‘Fit for Feats’.  This is part 2 of the staying fit while traveling series. It’s summer time, which for most of us students that means travel/adventure and explore! Traveling can seriously hinder exercise routines and especially derail healthy eating habits. Last week we took a round trip world tour with music hits from around the world.  I provided … Continue reading WSUM: Health Tips on the Road!